Mars-Energo Scientific and Production enterprise

Since its founding in 1991, Mars-Energo designs and manufactures high-precision test and calibration tools for electric power industry.

Our range of measuring equipment covers all steps that make up the system of power measurement standards – from the national Primary standard of AC power (designed in cooperation with VNIIM institute for metrology) to portable calibration tools of service-class.

Mars-Energo's reference instruments are able to test various equipment for electrical measurements, power quality control and electricity metering ranging from instrument-class transformers, power quality analyzers, and electric energy meters to measuring equipment of the future – working and test instruments for digital substations and Smart Grids.

Mars-Energo Scientific and Production enterprise was started in 1991 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

1991 to 1995: In the early stage, the company specialized in the manufacture and implementation of meter reading and billing systems (over 500) across the North-West region of Russia.

Since 1998: Manufacture of systems for testing electric energy meters has become the key area of work.

Since 2003: Mars-Energo has started the production of instruments for power quality monitoring and analysis along with the tools for their calibration.

Since 2006: Instrument transformer test sets have been introduced to the market.

More than 6000 test systems and reference instruments have been installed at electricity companies, industrial manufacturers, test laboratories and centers for standardization, certification and metrology.

Developing the aggregate of measurement standards for national power industry is one of the main purposes of our work.

The key components of national primary standards of AC power and high voltage were developed and manufactured with the participation of Mars-Energo.

The set of Mars-Energo reference standards as well as our production facilities were granted the accreditation and certificates recognized worldwide.

Now Mars-Energo global strategy is directed at development and manufacture of:

  • 2014 Test solutions for digital substations
  • 2015 Primary sensors for current and voltage measurements based on optical technologies