Energomonitor 61850


Reference instrument for digital substations

National registry No 73445-18

Multifunctional reference instrument designed for accuracy testing (verification or calibration) of conventional (analogue) energy meters, conventional (analogue) instrument current and voltage transformers (CTs/VTs), digital current and voltage transformers with IEC 61850-9-2 outputs, and merging unit. EM61850 can also work as a comparator of Sampled Values streams.

Accuracy classes: 0.02, 0.05


Conversion of AC current and voltage signals into IEC 61850-9-2 compliant data streams of instantaneous values
Determination of ratio, phase and composite errors of scaling voltage or current converters (transformers) with analogue outputs or digital outputs according to IEC 61850-9-2
Determination of accuracy characteristics of Stand-Alone Merging Units (IEC 61869-13)
Active and reactive power/energy measurements
AC current and voltage measurements


Verification (accuracy check or determination of ratio and phase errors) and calibration of:
Instrument current and voltage transformers and merging units with IEC 61850-9-2 outputs
Conventional instrument current (CTs) and voltage (VTs) transformers
Single- and three-phase wattmeters, measuring converters of power, multifunctional active and reactive energy meters
Voltmeters, ampere meters, measuring converters of voltage and current, phase meters, and frequency meters operating in the commercial frequency range

Test Set MarsTest-61850

The MarsTest-61850 is a test set intended for verification and calibration of digital substation equipment that consists of the Energomonitor-61850 reference instrument, MarsGen-61850 digital stream calibrator and Energoforma-61850 test signal source.

Accuracy characteristics

Measured parameter

Measurement range

Intrinsic measurement error

Accuracy cl. 0.02

Accuracy cl. 0.05

AC voltage

0.1 to 960 V
(Unom = 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480, 800 V)

±0.01 %

±0.02 %

AC current

1 mA to 120 A
(Inom = 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 A)

±0.01 %

±0.02 %

Phase angle between fundamental harmonics of phase
voltages and phase angle between voltage and current in the same phase

0° to 360°




Apparent power (VA)

0.1Unom to 1.2Unom V
0.1Inom to 1.2Inom A


0.02 %

0.04 %

Active power (W)

0.1Unom to 1.2Unom V
0.1Inom to 1.2Inom A


±0.01 %

±0.05 %

Reactive power (Var)

0.1Unom to 1.2Unom V
0.1Inom to 1.2Inom A


0,9 ≤ |sin φ| ≤ 1,0

±0.03 %

±0.1 %

0,2 ≤ |sin φ| ≤ 0,9

±0.05 %

AC Frequency

40 to 70 Hz


±0.0002 Hz

±0.001 Hz

Measurement error as applied to verification of transformers (absolute)



Analogue current and voltage transformers

±0.002 %

±0.1 minute

Digital transformers (IEC 61580)

±0.015 %

±1 minute

When comparing Sampled Values (SV)

±0.003 %

±0.1 minute

General specifications

Mains power supply

198 ... 242 V
47 ... 63 Hz

AC power consumption

100 VA, or less

Operating temperature range

+5 to +40 °C

PC software

Features and benefits

Calibration and verification of either analogue or digital voltage and current transformers

Simultaneous testing of 3 single-phase or 1 three-phase VT or CT (either analogue or digital)

Time synchronization according to PTPv2 available

Devices under test can be synchronized from the Energomonitor-61850

Design versions



(L × W × H)

432 × 555 × 223 mm, or less


14 kg, or less


Stationary (laboratory)

(L × W × H)

430 × 483 × 266 mm, or less


13 kg, or less

Delivery package

Reference instrument Energomonitor-61850 — 1unit
Set of cables for EM-61850
Power supply and signal cables (19 pcs)
Flash drive with EnergoMonitor- 61850EXT software — 1 pc.
EM-61850 User Manual — 1 pc.
РQuick Guide for testing transformers — 1 pc.
EnergoMonitor-61850EXT User Manual — 1 pc.
Transportation box
Control terminal
PC (laptop or tablet) with EnergoMonitor-61850EXT software
Photoelectric Scanning Head for testing induction meters and meters with optical output
Pulse Former
Current Transformer Calibration Switch
Measurement cable
For 3-point in-series connection up to 120 A
Measurement cable
For 3-point in-series connection up to 12 A
Cable XLSS-58 (blue)
BNC–BNC (2 m)
Cable XLSS-58 (red)
BNC–BNC (2 m)
BNC adapter lead XLAM-446/SC/SIL
BNC – 2 banana (M), Ø 4 mm
Jumper KS4-19L/1
2 banana (M) – 2 banana (F)
Insulated signal distributer XM-FF
Insulated signal coupler XF-F
Ethernet-FO media converter with power supply unit
Converter TTL– FO
Converter FO–TTL
FO patch cord
Wi-Fi antenna
Laptop bag