Project status: Research & Development


Test signal/Phantom power source Energoforma-61850 is meant for testing and calibration of the following instruments:  

  • meters according to IEC 62053-21:2003;
  • PQ analyzers according to IEC 62586-1 and IEC 62586-2 (Flicker, harmonics, interharmonics, subharmonics, dips, swells);
  • standalone Merging Units (SAMU) according to IEC 61869-13;
  • PMU according to IEEE С37.118.1 and С37.118.1А (Types of modulation: amplitude, phase, frequency, additive).

Energoforma-61850 can be applied as part of reference setups such as our mobile multifunctional reference setup MarsTest-61850. 


Energoforma-61850 monoblock design assures high sealing capability and fully meets IP67 requirements. The front panel contains the following:

  • Ethernet port SFP for 61850-9-2LE input data;
  • 2 Ethernet ports (RJ-45) for PC connection and synchronization;
  • 8 voltage outputs used to imitate signals from electronic transformers (4 ~ Uout, 4 ~ Iout) 0.2 mV ÷ 8 V;
  • 4 current outputs 1 mA ÷ 10 A;
  • 4 current outputs 10 A ÷ 120 A;
  • 4 voltage outputs 1 V ÷ 264 V;
  • Frequency inputs/outputs for synchronization with an external source or receiver;

PC-based software is used to control Energoforma-61850.

Operation modes

  • Real-time mode;

Digital streams SV61850-9-2 are converted into analogue current or voltage waveforms.

  • Stand-alone mode;

Analogue signals are digitally synthesized from user-specified parameters (a modulating signal  can be added).