PCS-ME 1.0

Standard of AC power



Expanded uncertainty of AC active/reactive power measurements:

  • ±0.004 % (PF = 1)
  • ±0.006% (PF = 0.5)

Field of application:

  • Direct dissemination of active (W) and reactive (Var) measurement units from the State Primary Standard of AC power to measuring instruments of reference and service class
  • Accuracy testing and top-level calibration of measuring instruments mentioned above
  • Generating test waveforms

PCS can be certified as a secondary standard of AC power.


  • Phantom Power Source based on Energoforma 3.1 programmable generator (synthesizer) of AC voltage and current waveforms
  • Input scaling converters of current and voltage (current shunts and voltage divider)
  • Two Analogue-to-Digital Converters based on two multimeters Agilent 3458A (ADCs synchronously take instantaneous values of current and voltage)
  • Precision source of sampling frequency based on Agilent 33521B (synchronizes signals of ADCs and devices under test)
  • PC-based control, data processing and display system operating under EnergoEtalon™software

GPS/GLONASS based Clock Module (required to create a uniform time base) provides 1s interval synchronization and generates UTC-synchronized pulses at 1Hz frequency (1 PPS).

CVFC (Current/Voltage-to-Frequency Converter) may be used to test the devices with pulse output by the method of comparing two frequencies.

Components and accessories:

Precision DC & AC Current Shunts
Reference-class, reactance-free shunts
(0.1 A ... 50 A)