MarsDesk-AMR is a training bench designed to train/skill up electricians to:

- Operate with and maintain automatic meter reading systems and power quality monitoring systems

- Detect the cases of energy fraud

With MarsDesk-AMR the trainees  develop the practical skills to:

1) Install, replace and maintainthe instruments involved in energy metering (meters, instrument transformers, data transmission units,  time synch units etc.) e.g.:

- To plot and analyze vector diagramsfor three-phase energy meters in 3-wire and 4-wire circuits

- To configure themeters and read data from metering points

- To determine measurement errors of single-phase and three-phase electric energy meters without breaking into their current circuits at the point of installation

- To measure actual burden in the secondary circuits of voltage and current instrument transformers in energy metering applications 

- To measure the losses of voltage in meter-to-VT connection lines.

2) Detect the illegal modifications to energy metering equipment (energy fraud)

3) Install, replace and maintain power quality monitoring systems


  • Programmable three-phase source of current and voltage Energoforma 3.3-12
  • Lab table
  • Lightning set 2x36W
  • Socket mains block with an automatic switch and protection relay
  • Under desk mobile pedestal (3 drawers)
  • CT simulation panel
  • VT simulation panel
  • Panel for connection of data transmission units
  • Panel for connection of energy meters
  • Panel for connection of process measurement and control instruments
  • DIN rail
  • Set of adapters
  • Set of cables

Portable units (optional):

  • Reference meter Energomonitor3.3T1
  • PQAnalyzer Energotester PQP-A
  • Time server MKV-03C
  • Laptop with the specialized software