Programmable three-phase source of current and voltage (phantom power)


The source was modernized to provide single / three-phase current and voltage test signals suitable for testing power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 (including generation of harmonics up to 50th and interharmonics).


Energoforma 3.3 current and voltage (phantom power) source is designed to create a three-phase or single-phase system of currents and voltages, as specified by the programmable digital model of the signal.

Field of application

Calibration, accuracy tests and adjustment of:

  • Instruments for active, reactive and apparent power / energy measurements (including energy meters)
  • Instruments for power quality measurements (IEC 61000-4-30)
  • Instruments measuring RMS values of current and voltage within commercial frequency range


  • Harmonic range from 0th to 50th
  • Library of standard waveforms (at least 200 profiles). It is maintained as a tool for imitation of typical AC distortions in electrical networks resulting from consumer loads of different types


ParameterOutput setting range, by phaseIn increments of
Voltage, V 20...264 0.01
Current, À 0.005...12 0.0001
1st harmonic frequency, Hz 42.5...70 0.01
Phase; Phase angle between 1st and nth voltage harmonics of the same phase; Phase angle between 1st and nth current harmonics of the same phase, degrees 0...360 0.01
Harmonic composition, n 50  
Power instability (during 1 minute or less ), % ±0.05  
Output power of current source, VA
Voltage Source, VA

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Components and accessories:

Converter USB-4RS232
An accessory for connecting up to 4 RS-232 devices to a PC via its USB port