Programmable three-phase source of current and voltage


Energoforma 3.3-100 is a current and voltage (phantom power) source designed to create a three-phase or single-phase system of currents and voltages, as specified by the programmable digital model of the signal.
The source is suitable for calibration, accuracy tests and adjustment of instruments that measure:

  • Active, reactive, apparent power and energy
  • Power quality parameters as stated in IEC 61000-4-30 (class A and S measurements) including harmonics (up to 50th) and interharmonics
  • RMS values of AC current and voltage

Energoforma 3.3-100 can be used either as an independent device or as part of a mobile test laboratory or test system (in conjunction with reference measurement instruments such as Energomonitor 3.3 T1 or Energomonitor 3.1 KM).


Components and accessories:

Reference meter