Energoforma 3.3-12M

Energoforma 3.3-12M

This source of AC current and voltage (phantom power) generates a single- or three-phase system of currents and voltages according to a user-specified model.


Accuracy tests, calibration and verification of:

  • Instruments for active, reactive, and apparent power / energy measurements (including energy meters)
  • Instruments for power quality measurements (IEC 61000-4-30 and IEC61000-4-7)
  • Instruments measuring RMS values of voltage and current within commercial frequency range.


  • Harmonic composition: harmonics up to 50th and interharmonics up to 50.5th
  • Memory capacity assigned to the library of signals imitating distortions in electrical networks typical for different groups of consumers: 200 waveforms as a minimum.


ParameterOutput setting range, by phaseIn increments of
Voltage, V 3...300 0.01
Current, A 0.001...12 0.0001
Frequency of the 1st harmonic, Hz 16...450 0.01
Phase, Phase angle between the 1st and nth voltage harmonic in the same phase, phase angle between the 1st and nth current harmonic in the same phase, degrees 0...360 0.01
Harmonic composition, n 50  
Power instability (during 1 minute, or less), % ±0.05  
Output power of Current source, VA
Voltage source, VA


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Scope of supply

Energoforma 3.3-12M
Set of cables
Signal and power supply cables (12 pcs)
Converter USB-4RS232
An accessory for connecting up to 4 RS-232 devices to a PC via its USB port
User Manual
Transportation box