Project status: Research & Development

Frequency response measurement system for certification of instrument voltage transformers MarsTest-VT-PQ

Sphere of application

MarsTest-VT-PQ is a system that automates frequency response certification tests of instrument voltage transformers rated from 6 kV to 200 kV. The tests imply that voltage harmonics of order from 0.3 to 50 (15 Hz to 2.5 kHz) are applied to the transformers. The amplitude and phase angle (within 0 to 10°) measurements comply with IEC/TR 61869-103.

The system covers the needs of VT manufactures, certification labs, power distribution companies etc.

Purpose of the tests

To make a conclusion on the suitability of voltage transformers under test for power quality measurements

Components of the system

1. Specially designed high-voltage source and reference voltage transformer

2. Low-voltage measurement set including:

- waveform generator

- voltage amplifier

- reference instrument (comparator)

- software MarsTest-VT-PQ