High-voltage metrological mobile lab (HML) rated at 6 - 330 kV; 5 kA, 30 kA




  • Testing of instrument voltage transformers (VTs) rated from 6 to 330 kV
  • Testing of instrument current transformers (CTs) up to 5 kA or up to 30 kA
  • Testing of electric energy meters
  • Testing of channels within automatic metering and billing systems
  • CT and VT burden measurements
  • Determining voltage drops in secondary circuits of VTs
  • Determining basic power quality parameters (PQP), as defined by IEC 61000-4-30

ME Audit can contain the following sets:

  • CT test kit
  • VT test kit up to 10 kV (HTCS)
  • VT test kit up to 330 kV (HSCS)
  • Test kit for electric energy meters and power quality analyzers

ME Audit equipment consists of individual units on frames, each enclosed in its protective plastic cabinet.
Design advantages:

  • The units are designed for transportation in the equipment bay of a vehicle
  • The units can be easily taken from the vehicle and connected for testing (two persons can cope with the task)

Note! We offer various training programmes for users of Mars-Energo instruments and software.

Technical Description. CT Testing

Technical Description. VT Testing


Components and accessories:

Console unit PU-1-220

Console unit PU-1-220

As part of HSCS High-Voltage Single-phase Calibration Set, the Console Unit is placed in a plastic case with a convenient carry handle.



High-Voltage Three-Phase Test Set for Voltage Transformers up to 10kV (up to 35kV)



High-Voltage Single-Phase Test Set for Voltage Transformers up to 330 kV

MTS ME 3.3T1-P / MTS ME 3.1KM-P

MTS ME 3.3T1-P / MTS ME 3.1KM-P

Portable test system for automatic on-site or laboratory testing of electric energy meters