RPS is used to temporarily power Energomonitor 3.3T1 (e.g., in case of mains supply interruption).  RPS battery pack (DC 12V) contains 10x1.2V batteries.

RPS is charged from mains (85…264V, 50 ± 5Hz) via 220/16V Power Adapter from the delivery package. 
If connected to mains via Power adapter and Rechargeable power supply, the Energomonitor 3.3Т1 remains operational in case of external power failure.

Time of battery-powered operation (via RPS; without mains supply) depends on the number of charging cycles.
Ni-Mh batteries 2100 mA ∙ h can power EM 3.3T1 for:

  • at least 2 hours  at a single charging cycle of 4.5 h duration
  • at least 4 hours at 2 charging cycles (4.5 h)